Your Land is Unique and Irreplaceable

Your right to control your property – to use it, control its use, and keep it for yourself – is guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Constitution of Wisconsin. But these rights can be over-ridden by the government and, and even by some private companies. Your property can be taken from you, and whether you agree or not does not matter. When that happens, the law entitles you to “just compensation”. Wisconsin Land Rights ™ provides experienced, battle-hardened attorneys to help you get that compensation. We offer low-cost, fixed-price negotiation help from experienced and respected lawyers, so you don’t have to navigate the process alone. And, if you have to go beyond negotiation to get a fair outcome, we can represent you with no lawyer fees unless, and until, your case is successful.

Your land is unique and irreplaceable. When the government or large corporations seize your rights, the change is permanent. Choosing effective representation may be the most important decision you make. Choose a team with deep experience in winning the compensation you deserve. Choose Wisconsin Land Rights.

From a client (July 17, 2016):

Good morning, Frank. I want to compliment you on the reputation you have built for yourself as an attorney. It must be formidable! As soon as I told _______ you were going to handle this for me on a contingency basis, his offer went from last written offer of $12,500 to the mid $20,000s. We settled Friday . . .